Solutions and Alternatives for Texting and Driving

Since smartphones became ubiquitous in our daily lives, the issue of texting while driving has garnered extensive attention, and rightfully so. It continues to be a major threat to road safety, and the problem has not eluded drivers in the Sunshine State. While recent legislation has played a pivotal role in combating text and driving, integrating technological advancements can significantly help curb this dangerous habit. This blog seeks to highlight various technological solutions compliant with Florida’s texting and handheld law that aims to provide a safe driving environment for all.

What Is Florida’s Law on Texting and Driving?

Understanding Florida’s law is the first step towards seeking compliant solutions. Since July 1, 2019, CS/HB 107 has been in effect. This law on texting and driving prohibits individuals from operating a vehicle while manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers, symbols, or other characters into a wireless communications device. 

Hands-Free Technology

Hands-free devices permit drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel, reducing the chances of accidents due to distraction. Technologies like Bluetooth enable drivers to make calls or send messages without having to physically handle their phones. Modern vehicles often come equipped with voice-controlled systems like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto which further allow for safer communication on the road.

Blocking and Monitoring Apps

Various applications like LifeSaver and The DriveWell Platform help deter drivers from using phones while driving. LifeSaver can block phone usage while driving and sends notifications to loved ones, (or adults that are monitoring minor drivers) once you’ve safely arrived at your destination. The DriveWell Platform comprehensively monitors phone usage and other driving habits, providing insights to promote safer driving practices.

Do Not Disturb Features

If you’re the kind of person that just can’t help yourself, both Android and iOS have ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ features that, when activated, silence all notifications and can even send auto-replies indicating that you’re driving. Customizing these settings will usually be the most straightforward step you can take towards minimizing distractions.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Many modern vehicles come equipped with ADAS. It’s a revolutionary system with features like lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control. While these systems primarily focus on enhancing driving safety, they can also indirectly reduce the urge to text while driving by keeping drivers engaged.

Community Awareness Campaigns

Florida has had several collaborations between local government bodies, educational institutions, and private entities that can lead to impactful awareness campaigns. Campaigns like “Traffic Zero”and “It All Can Wait” utilizing real-life testimonials and comprehensive data can help underline the dangers of texting while driving.

Autonomous Vehicles

This one may seem like science fiction, but there has been a gradual shift towards autonomous vehicles, hinting at a future where texting and driving could become totally obsolete. Although this solution may seem distant, the technology offers a quite promising prospect toward completely eradicating distracted driving.

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