We believe that helping you is what we do best. We achieve this goal by operating as a team with each employee playing an important role. We are a statewide "Equal Opportunity Employer" offering positions such as: clerical support, policy processing, administrative, management, computer information systems, claims, finance and underwriting.

#0944 Claims Rep – Panama City, FL Lynn Haven, FL Claims 02/19/2021
#0949 WAN Analyst, Senior Gainesville, FL Information Technology 04/15/2021
#0951 Membership Acquisition Manager Gainesville, FL Field Services 08/13/2021
#0952 Office Services/Mailroom Clerk Gainesville, FL Administration 05/21/2021
#0958 Digital Media Coordinator Gainesville, FL Public Relations 07/02/2021
#0959 Office Claims Rep Gainesville, FL Claims 07/09/2021
#0961 Manager Direct/Marketing Leesburg, FL Federation - FAMA 07/14/2021
#0962 Claims Rep – Miami, FL Miami, Florida Claims 07/27/2021
#0964 District Field Representative South Florida Field Services 08/26/2021
#0965 Claims Rep – Manatee County Manatee County, FL Claims 08/26/2021
#0966 Claims Rep – Pensacola, FL Pensacola, FL Claims 09/03/2021
#0967 Software Developer, Senior Gainesville, FL Information Technology 09/16/2021
#0968 Accounting Clerk Gainesville, FL Finance - Federation 09/14/2021