Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I pay my insurance bill using a credit card? Can I pay online?

Yes. We accept credit card payment by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can pay Online, by using the Customer Portal section of our site. Or, you can pay at your local Farm Bureau office in person or by telephone.

Additionally, you have the option of using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), which will withdraw payments from your checking or savings account. By completing a simple form, automatic monthly payments can be scheduled by credit card or EFT.

How do I get an insurance quote?

For an auto insurance quote, visit our online quoting system. For all insurance quotes, please contact your local county Farm Bureau insurance agent. Click here to find the nearest agent in your area.

I’m currently a county Farm Bureau member in another state, and I’m planning to relocate to Florida. Can I transfer my membership?

A local county Farm Bureau in Florida will honor a county Farm Bureau Membership from another state for a period of 6 months. After this time, you are required to renew your membership with one of the local county Farm Bureaus in Florida.

When I click on the My Account link, nothing happens.

Using the My Account section of our site requires that you are using a modern web browser. If you are using an older web browser, you must upgrade to a newer version.  Updated browsers are available for download from Microsoft, Firefox or Chrome.