Find a Local Sweet Corn Stand

Florida is home to some great local eats, especially locally grown fruits and vegetables. One of the veggies Floridians have gone crazy for lately is sweet corn. With October marking the start of sweet corn season, we thought we’d take a look at some local stands where you can find the best sweet corn around. 

Steve’s Farm

Walnut Hill

Steve’s Farm, nestled in the heart of Walnut Hill, has long been a cherished destination for local produce enthusiasts. Claiming to be home to the best sweet corn in all of northwest Florida, visitors can expect a fresh crop come October, along with an inviting ambiance that captures the essence of Floridian farming.

Wolfe’s Produce Market


Wolfe’s Produce Market is not just another produce stand, but a Riverview staple. While you’ll find a lot more than sweet corn here to fall in love with, their golden ears are particularly sought after. Boasting a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies, each visit feels like a journey through Florida’s bountiful harvest.

Finest Farms


Finest Farms, true to its name, stands out as a premier destination for sweet corn aficionados. Situated in scenic Brooksville, the farm specializes in sweet corn, with their fresh fall crop garnering attention from both locals and visitors. The commitment and passion behind their cultivation is palpable in every bite.

Great Scott Farms

Mount Dora

Tucked away in the charming town of Mount Dora, Great Scott Farms boasts a long-standing tradition of sweet corn cultivation. Their dedication to sustainable farming and organic practices ensures that each kernel is bursting with flavor. If you want something else, you’ll find plenty of other veggies as well.

Parkesdale Market

Plant City

Recognized as a haven for fresh produce lovers, Parkesdale Market in Plant City is a must-visit for those craving the genuine taste of Florida. Beyond their corn, their homemade treats and vibrant atmosphere make it a memorable pit stop.

Frazier Farm


Family operated and deeply rooted in Brooksville’s agricultural history, Frazier Farm offers not only delicious sweet corn but also a true farm experience. Their commitment to quality ensures that every ear of corn is picked at the peak of freshness.

Robert Is Here

Homestead once called Robert Is Here “The Disney World of fruit stands.” But don’t let the name fool you—this well-established icon of trade specializes in all manner of fruits and vegetables. And when it comes to corn, Robert Is Here isn’t shy, claiming their corn in the husk to be “The best sweet corn in town.!”

The Stand


The reviews of The Stand on Facebook all say the same thing: the produce is great, the prices are right, and the owners, Matt and Luanne, are as kind as they come. If you’re in central Florida with a hankering for some sweet corn, head over to The Stand and put those reviews to the test.

Snow’s Country Market

Beverly Hills

Snow’s Country Market “is all about the local community, we’re here for you with a warm welcome to our beautiful market.” And you can believe that when it’s sweet corn season, you’ll be able to get a side of delicious with their warm, welcoming environment.

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