Florida’s Best Snorkeling Spots

Florida, with over 800 miles of beaches and 33 first-magnitude springs, is America’s premier destination for snorkeling. Our state boasts ideal temperatures in the water and off shore, nearly all year round. Below is a guide to get you splashing and exploring in no time.

Top Snorkeling Destinations in Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park (Key West)

A bit more remote than some other parks, Dry Tortugas National Park hosts a reef nestled in some of the most crystal clear water in the world. Located about 70 miles off Key West, the park offers up seven small islands for snorkelers to explore. The snorkeling is well worth the boat ride or seaplane flight needed to gain access.

Ginnie Springs (High Springs)

Named for its “gin clear” waters, Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park with seven cool springs for snorkelers to dive into and explore. You’ll be able to see “large gar, bass, mullet, catfish, turtles and many other critters.”

South Walton Artificial Reef (South Walton)

Don’t let the notion of “artificial” fool you into thinking there’s no beauty and wonder to behold here—you’d be greatly mistaken. South Walton’s man-made reef is home to a diverse array of marine life, including fish of all colors, sea turtles, sharks, and more. 

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (Key Largo)

This underwater wonderland located in Key Largo lays claim to being the nation’s first underwater park. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park covers over 70 nautical miles, featuring colorful reefs and the iconic Christ of the Abyss statue. See everything the park has to offer by getting a guided snorkeling tour.

Biscayne National Park (Miami)

If you’re seeking a great place to do some snorkeling while remaining in the heart of Miami, look no further than Biscayne National Park. The guided tours give you a great glimpse of the wonders beyond the waves. The park features majestic reefs, long sunken shipwrecks, and a dense mangrove to explore.

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