2023 Art Museum Exhibitions in Florida

For those inclined to the arts, there’s a lot to love in the state of Florida. The art scene here is as varied and exciting as any in the country. Anyone with even a middling passion for art knows we’re home to one of the country’s premier art—Art Basel Miami Beach

Whether you’re interested in unknown creators or have a taste for world-renowned artists, fans will find plenty to see and explore. Below is a list of just a few of the exciting exhibitions you can find in 2023. 

NSU Art Museum Exhibitions (Fort Lauderdale)

Founded back in 1958, the NSU Art Museum is widely recognized as the hub of South Florida Art Coast, nestled between Miami and Palm Beach. It’s a modernist building that’s over 83,000 square feet with over 25,000 square feet of exhibition space, a 256-seat auditorium, and Museum Store and Café. The NSU Art Museum collections are always looking to explore issues that connect and resonate with its South Florida community.

Scott Covert: I Had a Wonderful Life

Available until April 23, 2023

This is the first solo museum exhibition that’s dedicated to artist Scott Covert. Covert, a New Jersey native, is a legendary figure in the East Valley art scene from the eighties. The art is abstract compositions through the Victorian tradition of grave rubbing, an impression lifted from the honorary reliefs on tombstone. 

Animation Generation

Raymond Pettibon, Repeater Pencil

Available until April 23, 2023

This exhibition is one that presents films and videos from the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale Collection using elements of animation and illustration. Ranging from early 20th century works from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio to the cutting-edge digital animations of Jennifer Steinkamp.

Tampa Museum of Art Exhibitions

The Tampa Museum of Art was founded back in 1920, making it one of Florida’s oldest art museums. Housing one of the nation’s largest Greek and Roman antiquities collections, the museum ultimately looks to inspire visitors with intriguing exhibitions and interesting educational programs. 

Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest in the Jorge M. Pérez Collection

Umar Rashid, The Palace of Quilombos

Available until March 12, 2021

Exploring conflicts and contemporary society, Jorge M. Pérez also looks to examine historical events to reframe them. The works include paints, sculptures, and video that address most of today’s unrest through various allegory allusions.

All in Favor: New Works in the Permanent Collection

Suchitra Mattai, Alter Ego

Available until July 23, 2023

This collection has been at the museum for over five years, where the Tampa Art Museum has been the recipient of many gifts to their permanent collection. This exhibition attempts to highlight the recent works in ancient glass, bronze objects, paintings, and sculptures from a wide variety of the leading contemporary artists.

Orlando Museum of Art Exhibitions

The Orlando Museum of Art is a cultural leader in Central Florida and far beyond, presenting over ten exhibitions on-site and thirteen exhibitions off-site. Many of which are award-winning from art enrichment programs, unlimited gallery tours, teacher in service training and more. 


Jake Fried, Still Life with Lemons

Available until May 7, 2023

Twentysomethings is a pioneering exhibition, being the first of its kind in Central Florida. It showcases a private collection of a twenty-year-old collector, fully embracing a NFT collection from up-and-coming NFT artists. It’s a modern collection looking to explore not only a new medium, but reinvent the old ones in a bold new light.

American Journey

Bisa Butler, Wangari Maathai

Available until May 7, 2023 

Art in America has always looked to express the loftier ideals, aspirations, and challenges of our nation. The art work explored many forms and is divided into themes rather than a chronological journey of our history. American Journey includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, and prints.

Harn Museum of Art Exhibitions (Gainesville)

Named from their gracious founding benefactor Samuel P. Harn, the Harn Museum of Art is always looking to educate and enrich Floridian’s lives through art. An expansion to the museum included an 18,000 square foot addition to house more exhibitions and activities. 

Florida Impressions: Gifts of Samuel H. and Roberta T. Vickers

Stevan Dohanos, Trailer Park Garden


This unbelievable gift was made to the museum back in 2021 from Samuel and Roberta Vickers and the largest private collection donated in the history of the Harn Museum of Art. The collection is among the most extensive art collections of Florida-themed art. The works cover a broad range of themes, scenic views, recreation of historical landmarks, and more, through many disciplines of painting. 

Global Perspectives: Highlights from the Contemporary Collection

Ron Kleemann, Gas Line

Available until October 1, 2023

This exhibition is a massive celebration of art throughout the world, embracing our global interconnectedness. The museum’s many talented curators collaborated to build an exhibition that covers many mediums from all corners of the world. This remarkable collection has been on display at the museum since 2019 and leaves later this year, so be sure to see it before it leaves.

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