How to Choose a Boat Slip in Florida

While most of the nation remains in the grips of winter during the month of January, Floridians enjoy average temperatures of 76 F. That means boating remains a fun and enjoyable activity for you and your family. Storing your boat is a big part of boat ownership, and looking into the benefits of owning or renting a boat slip could prove helpful. Below are a few things to consider when choosing a boat slip in Florida.

Find a Slip That Provides Easier Access to Your Boat

Storing your boat on the water all year round comes with the built-in advantage of the boat already being where you’ll use it. Getting your boat to and from the water can be quite the hassle. The time you spend driving to and then removing a boat from storage is time your boat could be on the water. The boat being in the water on a boat slip naturally leads to you using your boat more often.

Choose a Boat Slip That Keeps Your Boat More Secure

Boat slips have more mooring points than a standard boat dock, keeping your boat securely in place. Unlike a dock, a boat slip surrounds on three sides. This protects your boat from the other crafts around you and is essentially like pulling in and out of a parking spot in the water.

Building Your Own Boat Slip Can Cut Costs

Depending on your living situation, in terms of owning waterfront property, building a boat slip could be a wise investment. If you’re someone who uses your boat more often, owning a boat slip eliminates rental cost, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a year. However, before building, be sure to research the local laws regarding permitting.

Rent a Slip With the Amenities You Need

Can’t afford to build your own slip on your property? A boat slip at a marina is another viable option. Marinas come with a variety of amenities such as the following:

  • 24-Hour Security
  • On-Site Maintenance and Fueling
  • Cover and Uncover Slips
  • Pumpout Station
  • Shore Power Hookups

Those are just some of the available amenities at many marinas. Keep in mind that amenities do vary from marina to marina. Each has different standards involving things like boat size limitations, hours of access to your craft, long-term/short-term rentals, etc. 

If you’re heading out on the water this year for fishing or recreation, make sure your boat is protected against damage and liability with a high quality, affordable insurance policy from Farm Bureau Insurance. Get started by contacting an agent near you using our Agent Finder.