Road Trip Listening: Hear These Florida Podcasts

Enjoy that long-awaited road trip vacation that you missed out on last summer, and while you’re on the way, listen to a few interesting and informative podcasts. 

Below are a few selections below to get you started, and each episode is about our Sunshine State. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about your home state while you’re on the road. At Farm Bureau insurance in Florida, we’re here for you, no matter where you go. Drive safe and have a great time! 

Florida Podcast Episodes to Try

Florida Off the Beaten Path

From the Florida Travel Pod, hosts Tonya Denmark and Christina Sawyer share unique, out-of-the-way travel gems in Florida that you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise. Here they talk about Mount Dora, the ruins of the Bulow sugar plantation, stunning Bok Tower Gardens, Whimzeyland (the Bowling Ball House), a prison animal farm in Key West, Lion Country drive-through safari, live mermaids performing at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park (since 1947), Gatorland, the Bob Ross Art Workshop and Gallery, and the Bubble Room café and gift shop. You’ll wonder why you didn’t visit these places sooner! 

“14 Tips for Cooking Faster at Home”

In this episode of The Zest podcast, registered and licensed dietician and nutritionist Wendy Wesley of St. Petersburg encourages listeners to eat more home-cooked meals. Wesley says the more efficient you are in the kitchen, the more likely you are to actually cook, and she shares her list of 14 tips to help us do just that.

”Florida Native Plants”

In this episode of The Florida Spectacular podcast, host Cathy Salustri welcomes Chadd Scott, conservation chair of the Florida Native Plant Society for northeast Florida and Andrew Furman, avid southeast Florida gardener and author of “Bitten,” “Goldens Are Here,” and “Jewfish.” They discuss how to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife to their three respective landscapes. To learn more about native Florida plants and flowers, check out the Florida Native Plant Society

The Florida History Project “Episode 104: Fort Lauderdale and Spring Break”

Florida History Podcast co-hosts Kartik Krishnaiyer and Robert Buccellato, who both grew up in southern Florida, talk about the ups and downs of the history of spring break from the late 1930s until today, bringing with it an influx of students to Fort Lauderdale that means the local population “basically loses our beach for two weeks” every year. The problems, the charm, the sheer number of young people who take over the city is discussed. Fort Lauderdale continues to be a spring break icon that braces for its “extra company” every year. 

Action Spotter Podcast 

Find out where the bite will be in this week’s Action Spotter podcast, checking in with 10 reports from the tropics, the Keys, the Ten Thousand Islands and every direction throughout Florida, followed by a big wrap-up. If you happen to have questions about fishing in your area during a live podcast, email the host. They may answer your questions on the air!

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