How to Start a Small Business in Florida

If you think this is a good time to start a new business, you’re right. 

Ask most successful business leaders, and they will tell you without question that the best time to launch a new business is always “now.” To get you started, we’ve culled pertinent material to provide you with some solid resources. At Florida Farm Bureau Insurance, we’ve proudly helped our share of new entrepreneurs take these first steps into a successful business venture, and we can help you, too. 

Four Reasons to Open a New Business Now

Among many other things that are starting to fall into place right now (i.e., a drop in COVID-19 cases), there are four points that should encourage you to seek your dream now: 

  • The labor market is big, leaving talented, experienced people who may have been displaced from their jobs during the COVID outbreak willing to get on board with you at affordable rates. 
  • Less competition created by COVID’s rampage can create more opportunities for you.
  • Investors who hung on to their assets during the past COVID year are ready to invest and earn a return.
  • Ask anybody—consumers out there have a pent-up demand for just about everything right now, and they are willing to give new companies a shot at their business. 

Check out the resources below to begin building your dream.

Florida Small Business Development Network

As the only statewide provider of entrepreneurial and business development services, the Florida Small Business Development Network (SBDN) has helped businesses succeed and grow since 1976. Entrepreneurs planning new businesses should watch this quick six-part video series for great SBDN instructional tips on thinking through your business idea, examining your market, accessing capital, writing a business plan and understanding legal requirements.

Follow up with the SBDN’s live webinar training on a host of essential business topics.

Open My Florida Business 

The Open My Florida Business portal is designed to help those seeking to start a business in Florida. When you enter the type of business you want to start, the portal will create a checklist to aid your understanding of governmental requirements for your business category.

The downloadable eGuide available on the portal contributes basic tools to open your business in Florida, and includes supplementary resources. The eGuide is provided in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. Many more resources can be found at this site. Make sure to check out the resources page on this site, it’s packed with relevant information.

The Florida Women’s Business Center 

For over a decade, the Florida Women’s Business Center organization has provided training, counseling, mentoring, resources, and referrals to support women entrepreneurs—and all services are either free or at minimal cost. A great resource for women starting their own businesses.

Florida Department of Revenue Tax Forms 

The Florida Department of Revenue’s New Business Start-Up Kit includes business tax documents and publications, along with Q&As and links to similar helpful sites. If you’re considering starting a business, there’s no time like now, and there are so many resources to help. Let us know how we can assist you in taking this big step.

Insure Your Small Business with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance offers insurance policies that protect small commercial businesses like yours. To find out what coverage you can use for your business, contact a local agent.