Triathlon Training for Beginners in Florida

For more than three decades, Florida has enjoyed a strong relationship with triathlons. In 2021, more than 70 triathlon events are planned all over the state. In fact, due to COVID-19, the bikers/runners/swimmers who are hooked on these competitions (and may have endured cancellations in 2020) are more excited than ever to start training—no looking back! 

Why Triathlons?

What compels so many otherwise reasonable people of all ages to put themselves through weeks or months of intense training in Florida’s heat and humidity to suit up for a competition that demands, at the very least, a half-mile (750-meter) swim, followed by a bike ride of 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) and ending with a 3.1-mile (five-meter) run—with requirements ascending up four more levels? 

Most would say they do it because they love the challenge. Or, they want to get in shape and lose weight. They often end up finding that the rewards of completing a triathlon are even deeper. Triathletes gain a certain kind of release from the everyday obstacles of fear, self-doubt and excuses. You’ll know that you can do something bigger than you thought possible (while also earning a new t-shirt and bragging rights).

Resources for Beginner Triathletes

Are you contemplating entering a triathlon for the first time? There are plenty of great resources to help you start and let you know what to expect. We’ve put together some sources that can help you learn about training, nutrition, gear, the triathlon culture, and much more. 

Check out this schedule for 2021 Florida triathlons. Competitions designated as “sprints” are for beginners. 

Up-to-Date Guides

These two inexpensive paperbacks will answer scores of questions about the triathlete experience for beginners. 

An Essential Guidebook on Triathlon: A Straightforward System for Making Beginner Triathletes Comfortable and Confident

by Minna Ondrick

This quick read is easy to digest and provides insights on all aspects of sprint triathlons, including transitions, checklists, small group rides, nutrition and more. 

Athlete to Triathlete: The Ultimate Triathlon Training Plan for Sprint and Olympic Races

by Marni Sumbal

This overview explains a variety of essential triathlon info, including injury prevention, mental fitness and details on fundamentals, followed by 12-week training plans for sprint and Olympic competitions. 

Useful Tips to Help Triathlon Newbies 

  • How to Train for Your First Triathlon: These tips will help you become familiar with many triathlon expectations, set up a training schedule while offering an array of exercise moves (with images) to begin getting in shape. 
  • Triathlon Checklist: This printer-friendly comprehensive list guides you in everything you will need to pack (and how) for each leg of the competition. 
  • Triathlete Race Day Tips: This info guides you in what to do to prepare in the week, day and hours before the race. You’ll also learn the violations to avoid during the race. 

Insure Your Triathlon Bike

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