The Latest Florida Home Building and Design Trends

What’s “Hot” in Florida Home Design

What’s “hot” in home design trends throughout Florida now is an exciting mixture of technology, clean lines, open designs, new amenities, generous outdoor spaces packed with indoor conveniences, and larger windows than you can imagine—all with an enhanced emphasis on personalization that reflects the homebuyers’ style.

According to South Florida Architecture, a firm based in Naples and Bonita Springs, a major driver of architectural trends today starts with the reality that nearly 50 percent of millennials and other home buyers prefer contemporary or transitional styles unlike their parents’ traditional homes.

At the same time, technological advances have brought home design into the new world of fully-automated houses. This has prompted changes to many elements of traditional architectural planning. The growing market for “green” housing options will require eco-friendly and continuously evolving design and construction.

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We took a look at some of the major design trends for new homes in Florida, and this is what we found: 

Architectural Options

Lisa Michael Interiors via Homebunch

For now, popular Florida home building and design trends represent a range of architectural options, including:

  • Modern style: clean lines, neutral colors, open floor plans
  • Modern Farmhouse style: natural materials and textures, neutrals blended with dark colors, use of repurposed items
  • West Indies style: light-colored exteriors, large verandas, and louvered shutters

Home sizes are growing both larger and smaller. Therefore, sizing can suit everyone from the luxury homeowner to the single home-dweller.

Technology/Energy Efficient Features

Technology options are at the top of the list for the latest home building and design trends in the Sunshine State. Up-to-the-minute must-haves for “smart homes” include state-of-the-art security systems with multi-camera video surveillance, home-integrated audio and media systems, and AI-driven home appliances and lighting automation.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving features that are showing up include:

  • renewable building materials
  • high SEER-rated HVAC systems
  • windows that deflect heat
  • tankless water heaters
  • door knobs that recognize your thumbprint
  • climatized garages
  • whole-house intelligent home generators

Spacious Floor Plans (Read: Big Kitchens)

Casual, open floor plans designed for how people actually live are an especially popular trend in Florida home design trends. Including what is being called “gathering space” that is seamlessly connected to the kitchen makes entertaining and everyday family time at home more cohesive. Extra counter space, oversized islands, and special lighting make it work. Other kitchen design trends include live wood countertops and handle-less cabinet doors.

Outdoor Views

New homes are being built with bigger windows—and more of them. Along with higher ceilings, homeowners can enjoy panoramic views of nature while letting in as much natural light as possible. Another plus: adding windows is a proven way to make your room feel larger.

Outdoor Kitchens 

from Outdoor Florida Living

The outdoor kitchen and generously outfitted living space that goes with it are now practically necessities—and the trend is to make them bigger. Popular ideas for a Florida outdoor kitchen include a built-in gas grill, sink, and small refrigerator. Add-ons could mean your own wood burning pizza oven, fire pit, fireplace, or big screen TV.

Dual “Master Suites”

A newly emerging and welcomed trend in Florida home building and design has been the addition of a second master bedroom/bathroom suite. Perfect for guests or relatives who stay for a while, this is also a good option for elder parents who live with you. Bonus: you get more closet space! 

Bathrooms Adding Reasons to Stay Longer

Bathrooms are getting bigger as they take on a more spa-like atmosphere. Oversized showers, warmed floors and sit-down vanity areas are trending, and designers are adding built-in benches to allow a handy spot to put on or remove socks, slippers, or shoes. 

More Dedicated Storage Spaces

Specialized spaces such as “drop zones” near door entries, and built-in storage areas in the garage, kitchen, laundry room or bedrooms are in high demand for busy people who have places to go and things to do.

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