How to Maintain and Insure Your Vacation Home or Condominium

If you are considering purchasing a vacation home or condominium in Florida — congratulations! Owning a second property can be a wise long-term investment as well as a wonderful place to retreat. However, a second home or condo requires the same amount of attention as your primary residence, even if you spend significantly less time there.

Make sure that you take full advantage of your property and enjoy it for years to come. Learn more about hiring a property manager, home security systems, being a good part-time neighbor, and proper insurance coverage.

Hire a Property Manager

You can’t forego maintenance of your first home, and you can’t do it with your second home, either. Hiring a local property manager to pay utility bills, inspect your property after storms, and maintain your landscaping will ensure that your home is vacation-ready when you arrive.

Install a Home Security System

The time has never been better to outfit your vacation home with a top-of-the-line security system. New systems provide crystal clear imagery and up-to-the-second data directly to your phone. No matter where you are in the world, you can watch your property in real time and for a reasonable cost. Plus, some systems allow you to remotely access smart home products. Using wi-fi, these products, such as lighting, thermostats, and sprinklers, connect to the security system.

The marketplace now offers outdoor digital security cameras with excellent infrared night vision and two-way audio.

Independent review site ranked their top ten home security systems specifically for vacation homes. Each system is scored on a ten point scale according criteria that includes:

  • ease of installation
  • remote operation
  • customer service
  • affordability
  • contracts
  • smart features
  • local crime monitoring
  • cellular automation

Be a Good Neighbor

Home Owners Association

Many of us are now familiar with computer meeting technology. If you have an HOA, ask them if you can attend their meetings remotely. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the neighborhood’s goings-on, and you can be involved in the community despite only being a part-time resident.

Online Groups

Does your neighborhood have a Facebook Group or a an active community? You don’t have to spend time reading and monitoring these groups, but being a member means that you have a direct line to your neighbors when you need it.

Good Etiquette

Establish relationships and get to know the people who live in or own the properties surrounding yours. A close-knit community may keep a closer eye on your property while you’re out of town. Could you use some tips on being a good neighbor? The Washington Post has nine tips from etiquette experts that may help.

Protect Your Investment

Vacation homes and condos are more than just a place to relax — they’re also a huge investment of your hard-earned money. Make sure your investment is properly protected with a quality insurance policy from Florida Farm Bureau insurance.

Florida Farm Bureau insurance offers insurance policies for both vacation homes and condominiums. Our condominium insurance combines coverages for your living space, building items that you own, personal property, and personal liability protection for you and your family.

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