Looking For a New Career? Working At Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Isn’t Just For Agents

Want a career with a trusted and respected 72-year-old company, formed to help Florida farmers safeguard their families and livelihood? What about a career with a company that offers health insurance, employer-match retirement benefits, and paid leave—those old school amenities that are becoming as rare as unicorns in this modern gig economy?

At Florida Farm Bureau Insurance, we’re hiring! And a career with us isn’t just for insurance agents. Whether you’re in accounting or carpentry, IT or sales, there may be a stellar position for you at Florida Farm Bureau Insurance.

Our Business Model

We underwrite automobile, homeowners, dwelling fire, farm, business owners insurance, and other products for members of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation. Our agents are county-exclusive, so you’re not competing against your co-workers throughout the state for accounts.

Our History

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance is an outgrowth of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation, which was formed in the 1940s to look out for the interest of Florida farmers. Citrus prices remained as low as 5-cents a box as the country recovered from the Great Depression, and many farmers were burdened by debt and mortgages.

The initial goal of the Federation was to improve and stabilize market conditions for Florida farmers, give them a voice among policy-makers, research and develop better farming practices, and disseminate that information and market data to farmers throughout the state. The Federation had a goal of being 500-members strong by its first birthday. In fact, it had 1,180 members and offices in 17 counties by that point!

Soon food banks, educational opportunities, improved electricity and telephone services in rural areas, and rural healthcare became priorities as well. Basically, anything that was a particular challenge in rural and farming life became the Federation’s concern.

In 1947, this concern extended to affordable insurance. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance company was formed, to provide casualty insurance (vehicle, liability and theft) to its members. Eventually, it expanded its offerings to life insurance. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has been going strong ever since.

Our Benefits

All full-time Florida Farm Bureau Insurance employees are eligible for health insurance, 401-K, and paid leave. Certain positions have additional benefits, such as company-funded opportunities for continuing education, a company vehicle, and a personal computer purchase program. If you work at our Gainesville headquarters, you’ll have the option of delicious lunches at a company-subsidized on-campus cafeteria.

Our employees receive yearly reviews, so you always know how you’re doing. We offer a casual office environment and a flexible, family-oriented workplace. We know your family is important. We know they’re why you do this. They’re why we do this, too. So we try hard to ensure that all employees have a great work-life balance and plenty of time to spend with family and friends.

Our customers are the best! We love working with them and would definitely count them among the benefits of a Florida Farm Bureau Insurance career. They’re usually salt-of-the-earth kind of people—friendly, caring, eager to make the world a better place.

Visit Our Job Listings

So if you’re in the market for a dependable career and amazing co-workers, check out our job listings regularly. You just may be a perfect fit.