Renovating Your Home? Consider Your Insurance

Improvements that May Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs

Want to save on your homeowners insurance policy while also making your home safer? There are several home renovations that, when completed, may reduce the premium on your homeowners insurance. But what may be good for your bottom line is great for you and your family’s safety. Before you pick up a hammer, check with your local Florida Farm Bureau insurance agent to confirm that your changes will apply to your policy.

New Roof

Facts are facts, Florida: your roof needs to be in good shape no matter how old it is. Replacing a roof is costly, and it’s a lot less fun than going to Disney World, but it’s important. There are some silver linings! First, new building materials have come onto the market since your original roof was built. Some purport to be “impact resistant” and extra durable, which will come in handy during a hurricane when your neighborhood’s trees become airborne. Second, this new roof may lower your homeowners insurance premium. Either way, you house will look great, and it won’t leak. We’re calling that a win-win!


Homes with older electrical systems are more prone to electrical fires than newer ones. As a result, your homeowners insurance premium will probably be higher with an older electrical system. Some homes have outdated systems like “knob and tube” wiring and use aluminum wiring instead of the preferred copper. Replacing your wiring will also solve pesky problems like blowing a fuse every time someone in the house use the microwave and a hair dryer at the same time.


How old is your plumbing system? In Florida, we don’t have to worry about frozen pipes, but we do have to properly drain a heck of a lot of water. Old systems can shift and clog, and overflow can cause significant damage to your property. Newer systems have more flexible joints and can better handle your home’s plumbing needs.


If you are looking into a security system, consider some of the things it should have in order to affect your homeowners policy premium. A system that includes sprinklers and smoke detectors that connect directly to the fire department are ideal. Plus, they’ll probably save your and your family’s life in the event of a fire. Make sure to add dead bolts to your doors, window locks, and a burglar alarm.

All of these home renovations will enhance your property and bolster your security, but they may have the added bonus of lowering your homeowners insurance premiums. Contact a Florida Farm Bureau Insurance agent to see if these repairs would affect a homeowners insurance policy today.