Hurricane Michael Frequently Asked Questions

Hurricane Michael – Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I report a claim for Hurricane Michael?”

If you have not yet reported your claim, it can be reported by phone, online, or in person at a Florida Farm Bureau Office

Phone: 24/7 Claims Reporting Hotline: 1-866-275-7322 or 1-800-330-3327


In person: Insurance offices in both Lynn Haven and Marianna are open with agents and adjusters on hand to assist insureds with handling their claims and recovery.

Lynn Haven Catastrophe Center
Servicing Counties: Bay, Washington
303 Mosely Dr.
Lynn Haven FL
Phone: 850-763-5345

Marianna Catastrophe Center
Servicing Counties: Jackson, Holmes, Walton, Okaloosa
4379 Lafayette St.
Marianna, FL 32446
Phone: 850-482-5751

“I have damage. What do I do now?”

If temporary, emergency repairs are needed to prevent further damage, take photos prior to the repair and keep all receipts. It is important to carefully read any repair contract and discuss it further with your adjuster prior to signing it if there are any uncertainties about your coverages. Prepare an inventory list and description of the damaged property.

“What is covered? How much coverage do I have?”

Your adjuster will be able to discuss that with you when you speak to them. Or, you can contact your Farm Bureau agent to discuss coverages. You are also able to log into your account on this web site to view your policy information.

“When am I going to see an adjuster? Will they call me before they come?”

We will have an adjuster out to see you as soon as possible. We have adjusters from our state, as well as adjusters from other Farm Bureaus from around the country. As adjusters arrive, claims will be assigned to them. You will hear from the adjuster when your claim is assigned. The adjuster will contact you to set up an appointment to visit your property.

“The roofer is at my house. He says he can put the roof on right now. Can I proceed?”

Not until we have an opportunity to inspect the roof. You can/should perform emergency temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your property, if required.

Take photos & keep receipts of any repairs made and provide those to your adjuster when you see them.

“I saw an adjuster. When am I going to get my check?”

The adjuster will write an estimate of damages, which will be reviewed by a Farm Bureau manager. They will then mail you a copy of the estimate written, with a check if applicable. Checks will be mailed to the address on your policy. You can also request the check be sent to your local county Farm Bureau office for pickup.

“What if my house is flooded?”

If you have a flood policy, please report it to 1-866-275-7322