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Sign up for our Recurring Premium Payment Program!

Have your Florida Farm Bureau premium payments automatically deducted from your bank account via EFT, or charged to your credit card each month.

Terms and Conditions
(Please print and retain for future reference)

Sign up
To sign up for Recurring Premium Payment Program, please complete the Authorization and Agreement form and mail it to:

Florida Farm Bureau
Attn: Premium Billing
PO Box 147030
Gainesville, FL  32614-7030

Click here for the EFT Authorization Form

Click here for the Credit Card Authorization Form

You may also return the form to your agent or one of our County Offices.  EFT requests may also be faxed to (352) 374-1570.  If you are selecting Electronic Funds Transfer, please attach a voided check.  If you instead designate a savings account for EFT, please contact your financial institution for the correct routing and account numbers.  There is no extra charge for those enrolled in the Recurring Premium Payment Program.  The normal monthly payment plan charge for those paying monthly is waived.

Insureds whose accounts are current are eligible for the Recurring Premium Payment Program.  However, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies reserve the right to reject any Authorization and Agreement application that may conflict with insurance policy language, or state and federal statutes.

Start Date
Please continue to pay your billed premium as usual, until the words "EFT DRAFT" or "CRCD-DRFT" appear in the "Amount Paid" box of your Premium Billing Statement.  The Minimum Payment will be deducted/charged on or after the due date as designated on your Premium Billing Statement.  Note that initial processing time may take up to 60 days.

In order to assure payment without interruption, we must be in receipt in writing at least 30 days in advance of the Due Date of your Premium Billing Statement of any changes to the EFT or Credit Card account designated in the Authorization and Agreement, whether those changes were implemented by you or the financial entity designated.  If you have changed financial institutions you must complete and submit a new Authorization and Agreement.  It is also your responsibility to ratify the renewal of your credit card in a timely fashion as per the issuing financial institution.

All adjustments or refunds will be settled according to the particular policy language of the insurance policies on the account designated in the Authorization and Agreement.

Disallowed Charge/Non-Sufficient Funds
It is your responsibility to assure the availability of funds or credit to complete and fulfill the financial transaction covered by these Terms and Conditions.  If either the EFT or Credit Card charge is dishonored it is your responsibility to make the appropriate premium payment to maintain your insurance.  Return to the Recurring Premium Payment Program will be solely at the discretion of the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies.  In addition you will be responsible for a Returned Item charge if applicable.

Termination by you
We must be in receipt of any termination of the Authorization and Agreement by you in writing at least three (3) business days prior to the Due Date of your premium payment as designated on your Premium Billing Statement.  Please mail your written request to:  Florida Farm Bureau, ATTN: Premium Billing, PO Box 147030, Gainesville, FL  32614-7030.